Listed below are the Group’s current projects in pipeline:

  • Development of a Housing Project in Bhaktapur;
  • A unique mobile and web based Real Estate Property Management Software Application (App);
  • Aviyan General Insurance
  • Aviyan Micro-Insurance (both Life and Non-Life)
  • Mineral Water Processing Plant

Aviyan Capital Management Pvt. Ltd.: 

Incorporated and headquartered in Kathmandu, Aviyan Capital Management Pvt. Ltd. (ACAM) is a management and financial advisory services company. Set up by Aviyan group to ensure attractive return on investment for its investors, ACAM comprises of experts of various professional areas/fields such as economics, engineering, legal, hydropower, commercial banking, investment baking, private equity, project finance, microfinance, insurance, real estate development, hospitality etc. Sponsors of ACAM have in-depth knowledge and a long and extensive experience of various economic sectors both nationally and internationally. Primary objectives of ACAM are listed below:

Sourcing, screening, due diligence, underwriting and execution/closing of deals/projects/transactions that Aviyan Group considers/will consider to invest and/or acquire.

Manage, operate, supervise and/or monitor projects/companies invested by the Group;

Raise funding/funding arrangement for the Group.

In addition to the Group, ACAM offers above listed and other financial advisory services also to third party companies/projects