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Aviyan Hydro Power Private Limited is currently developing an 18.73 MW run-of-river (ROR) type hydropower project. Named “Lower Badigad Hydropower”, the project is envisioned upon the bank of Badigad river located between Baglung and Gulmi Districts in Gandaki province of Mid-western Nepal. The nearest grid connectivity is at Paudi Amrai Substation (NEA) which is approximately 2.5 KMs from the proposed project site.


Aviyan Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. is implementing the following project:


Lower Badigad Hydroelectric Project


Lower Badigad Hydroelectric Project is the first project being developed by Aviyan Hydropower Private Limited in Badigad Khola in Baglung and Gulmi district. The capacity of the project is 18.73 megawatt (MW). The Lower Badigad hydroelectric project is located in Badigad Rural Municipality, Baglung Districts in Gandaki Province, and Malika, Isma Rural Municipality, and Musikot Municipality, Gulmi Districts in Lumbini Province.


This project has a very easy road access.  It is 279 KM to reach Baglung from Kathmandu via road transportation. Similarly, Baglung can be reached; Kathmandu to Pokhara via airplane and Pokhara to Baglung via 78.9 KM road transportation. It is 66 KM to get project’s water intake location. It is 9.4 KM road transportation to get head works and Power house from water intake. Having easy road access to powerhouse and water intake is an added value for this project.


Project Location:

Key Features of the Project:

Project Location:

Baglung and Gulmi Districts in Gandaki province of Mid-Western Nepal

Access to Site:

Kathmandu-Pokhara-Baglung-Project Sites

Project Type:

Run-of-River (RoR)



Installed Capacity:

18.73 MW

Project Coordinates:

28° 15’ 43” N to 28° 13’ 41” N

83° 14’ 19” E to 83° 11’ 47” E

Annual Energy Generation:

108.62 GWh

Catchment Area:

778.9 km²

Design Discharge:

29.76 m3/s

Gross Head:

77.00 m

Headrace Tunnel

3495.0 m

Phase of Project:






Survey License

Granted by DOED

For 18.73 MW

Feasibility Study (Final Draft)


Hydro Engineering and Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Topographical Survey  and Mapping

Under Progress

FIT Engineering Survey Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Hydrological & Sediment Measurement and Analysis

Under Progress

Innovative Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Power Purchase Agreement


Nepal Electricity Authority

Initial Environmental Examination

Under Progress

Nepal Environment & Development Consultant Pvt. Ltd.


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