Mr. Baburam Thapa
Aviyan Group

Message from the Chairman

Dear Stakeholders,
It gives me immense joy to cordially welcome you all to the Aviyan Group.
At Aviyan Group, we proudly embrace our Tagline, "Partnering for financial freedom." and concurrently, talk the talk, walk the walk.
By pooling idle capital from retail, underrepresented and marginalized investors across the nation, we strategically and scientifically invest in various economic sectors to foster economic growth and national development. Our goal is to enable every Nepalese to achieve prosperity and contribute to reducing the overall income disparity.
We are strongly committed to ensuring attractive returns on your investments, reinforcing your belief in our mission and building our legacy from the ground up. Our Group prioritizes operational excellence, good governance and corporate citizenship while creating value for all stakeholders and driving business success.
With a strong focus on expanding our presence in Hydropower, Construction & Engineering, Financial management & Advisory and other expert services, we are dedicated to growing our revenues and establishing ourselves as an ethically and financially robust organization.
Thank you for your unwavering trust and partnership.

Baburam Thapa
Aviyan Group

About Aviyan Group

Initiated by a group of businessmen, retired government officials, and banking, legal, engineering, and investment professionals (collectively Founders), Aviyan is a group of professional individuals and business entities. The Founders have several years of extensive local and international experience in various private sector businesses, government offices, investment banking, private equity, and other financial services businesses. 

Primary objective of Aviyan (or “the Group”)  is to pool/raise capital from investors throughout Nepal, and invest in various economic sectors of the country.  By pooling capital from all walks of life scattered all over the country including small amount/capital, the Group provides opportunity also to retail/underrepresented investors to invest in medium and large scaled projects.

With a seasoned best-in-class ground team, the Group offers investors not only a a unique opportunity to co-invest with experts of various economic sectors, but also its commitment to ensure attractive returns on their investment. Concurrently, the Group also hopes to contribute in building Nepal’s path to prosperity by injecting some vital, albeit not very significant in terms of size, much needed capital for economic development of the country. We view that need and urgency of such a capital is augmented by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and Russia - Ukraine war. We also opine that such a situation has opened an enormous and exceptional opportunity for investors.

With the tagline “Your Road to Prosperity”, Aviyan’s mission is to assist every Nepali to be prosperous. At the same time, we also hope to contribute in overall economic development of Nepal, thereby assist in our country’s smooth graduation from least developed countries to middle income developing countries and beyond.

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